About Us

Born to be a winner the best your success

Goddard Labs started out of pure curiosity. We wanted to see how our skills compared in the real world.

After several clients from our starting point we have a great track record. We deliever and work hard to bring what ever system our clients have in mind into reality.

All projects have ups and downs and we realize that. We have a never give up attitude and no job is to big.

Our best skills

We work in a lot of areas. In the tech industry it is constnatly evolving and growing so you need to always strive to learn more and do better. We have that attitude and it shows through in our work.

We work with almost any web technology including Node.js and Python. We have lots of experience with desktop applications and even servers. Just let us know your requirements and we will tell you if we are a match.


Who we are

Strive for excellence while growing and learning from industry partners and clients. Push boundries and learn. From the start we always believed we had talent. We just need a chance to prove it.

A small company with the power to grow is what we feel sets us apart from the rest. We have attended a lot of important talks and had training from some of the best in the industry so we can provide that to our clients.

If you haven't learned our philosophy already here it is in a nutshell. Never give up on difficult problems and always show clients new and interesting things through our newsletters and meetings.

Our small team would love to sit down and learn about your requirements and introduce you to our process. We have learned a lot over the last 3 years we have been in busy and even more with our 15 years development experience. Lets find out if we have the right skills for your project.

Give us a call

971 - 599 3501