Computer Vision and Prediction

Apart of an ongoing pursuit to be competitive in an ever changing world where progress is growing exponentially it is the difficult challenges that interest Goddard Labs.

One of the most interesting problems today is self driving vehicles. Many companies large and small are enthralled in the effort of improving these systems to one day change the world. Some of the improvements self driving cars are predicted to make apart from being able to just read a book, or sleep while in the vehicle is the estimated decrease in automobile accidents. It is estimated some where around 90% of accidents are at least caused in part by human error. This doesn't extend to just road vehicles, aviation has the same issue. I know many people find driving vehicles pleasurable and I am sure those people and myself included will still enjoy driving on occasion, but the hassle of long trips behind the wheel in a sleep deprived time crunched state will be a thing of the past.

Anyway, where the rubber meets the road for Goddard Labs is working on improving services and just our general knowledge of these systems. We will keep you updated on our progress and information surrounding these subjects.

Just to start this project area off with a bang, here is a video to give you an idea for how we are experimenting. The video below is just a normal video driving on a highway on the US with a camera that is dash mounted. We later take the video into the lab and play with extrapolating data from the images to predict where the road lines are, and the angle of the turn in the road along with the location of the vehicle within the road. All these calculations can be achieved in real time with the proper hardware which we will soon demo.