Eagle Cove Private Astoria Retreat

During our work for Empire Corp we built their entire website from start to finish using an open source framework called Laravel built using PHP.   The logo you see in the video among others was worked on in conjunction with stake holders.   They wanted a logo that would display on the website, stationary, shirts, and advertising material.   The entire website was completed in about 2 months after a review and revision period.   Below is a brief outline of the work completed and also includes a short video presentation we did for property owners, and booking renters.   Everything was custom made and designed to meet their specifications.

Work Completed by Goddard Labs


When working with the client we always tried to maintain an open line of communication to assure we were meeting their needs and directing our effort in the direction the client required. After development all source code and art work were included with instructions on how they are used in the event they required additional help outside of Goddard Labs.